SOLD! House for sale in the heart of The High Coast

Now you have the opportunity to buy a house in one of the most beautiful villages in the High Coast, Mädan in Nordingrå. Starting price 450 000 SEK.

The house.

The house is nestled in the dramatically hilly landscape that’s so characteristic of Nordingrå and the High Coast. Everywhere there are mountains and deep valleys where the latter are often filled with bleeding water. In winter, the landscape is nestled in snow and the area offers year arround breathtaking views.

According to an old saying, Nordingrå has 52 villages, 52 lakes and 52 mountains.

Nordingrås hills are staggeringly beautiful and in a certain light, when twilight decreases, for the thoughts of trollish John Bauer paintings.

The slopes of the meadow are adorned by houses and farms, close to badwaters and hiking trails. Näset, or Mädansviken, as it is also called, offers a magnificent Voxfjärden.
The area includes Rödklinten, Häggvik and Mannaminne. A few steps away are the fishing villages Bönhamn and Norrfällsviken. Rotsidan, World Heritage Site and Skule National Park are other well-known destinations.

Down below you can see some views that is specific for Nordingrå.

In the village of Mädan there is a well-preserved old prayer house.
A playhouse for children and a nice garden belongs to the house.
The view from the house offers many red traditional log houses.
View over the hills from one of the bedroom.

The house

The house has three planes. Kitchen, living room and a large hall downstairs. Two bedrooms and alcove upstairs. A large basement throughout the house with a sauna and laundry room etcetera. 
Toilet on all three levels.

Waterborne heating system with wood burning boiler in the basement.

A large kitchen with plenty of storage space.
Living room with two parts.
Exterior hall with double doors.
Inner hall.
Upper hall with one of the toilets.
Fireplace in the bedroom.

Part of the basement.


For more information, contact ad manager Lillemor Bylund.’
Phone +4670 69750 77 or by mail

The house is sold through a broker, Carlsson Ring.

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