First some things to do in the surrounding, walkabouts, in winter time skiing and fields where you can go sledding. And the hunting cottage.

Walk abouts. The way above (and closest to) Torpet is a small private forest road (belongs to my partner Lennart), I have never seen anyone than ourselfs there =D
Map to Hundsjön 301. The big arrow is the parking place, the smaller the cottages. Just walk right up (not to the left) from the car.
Places with skiing traces.
The best slopes for going sledding wintertime!
To get to them, follow the roads. The one at the bottom of the map is below a summer cottage, they are not here in the winter at all. The one higher up is below my partner’s property after his father, and the one on the other side of the water belongs to the place I am renovating. The hill at the bottom there is probably the steepest, although not very long. The one below the summer cottage is probably second best. But I think all three of these are worth a visit for kids =)

Cities and more

How to get to the surrounding cities, and back home to Torpet.
There are often more than one way to get to each place. So, you can go one way there, and another way home =)

Citys and communities nearby. Sollefteå is the smaller skiing town, nice and hilly.
Nyland is about 15 minutes away, with gas station and ICA Supermarket open 08-20 Monday-Sunday.
Ullånger has COOP, and gas station. Nordingrå is the best part of High Coast, nice to drive through and with a lot of hills you can walk up to for a beautiful view.
Skule national park is a little bit more north above Ullånger, with a path up to another beautiful view.
Örnsköldsvik is a nice town, bigger than Sollefteå and Kramfors.
The Nordingrå-trip. You can go through the forrest (rein deer road), the way that passes Hundsjön, out to Ullånger. Then further out to Nordingrå (this is my favourite, the “upper” ways out to the coast on the map). Dont miss 1. Bönhamn and 2. Rotsidan out at the waterline (you will find both places at Google).

To Sollefteå
To Kramfors
To Härnösand
To Örnsköldsvik

To make it a little bit easier, one road at the time out to the coast =)

Through the forrest, watch out for the rein deer! Passes Hundsjön. The smallest road out to the coast, and most charming =)
Almost the same as above, but with a little change in the middle of the forrest.
Over Träsk.
Over Lugnvik
Over Gålsjö, also a rein deer road. Drive carefully!