Dämstasjön during autumn

The weather in Torpet’s part of Sweden is varied. The summer can range from rain to dry, with temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees.

Autumn starts in August/September and is wonderfully beautiful when the leaves of the tree changes color.

During winters there will be different amounts of snow and it is between 0 to 25 minus degrees.

In the other part of February the sun starts to warm up. In March and April, its often get degrees above zero and now is the most beautiful time to enjoy the sun, while the snow – often, but not always – remains.

To do at Torpet

There is some things you can practise all the year at Torpet. Just a short walk away from the house you find a lake, Dämstasjön. The nature is typical for Ångermanland, hilly with both water and forest. The area offers nice walks on the small roads arround the lake or in the woods. Or why not just follow an old ladder under the trees!

Here you will find the great forests and tranquility. Here you can hear the silence.

Relax in the sauna, barbeque and cooking coffee over open fire in the garden at Torpet.  But you can also take a walk to the lake for doing the same things. Or, go further, in the woods, and stop there instead.

The sauna at Torpet

You can fish and swim both summer and winter. Visit any fishingwater or hike up for the Froksnipan and the place for barbeque at the top.

Read more about the fishing in Styrnäs!

The forests include birds, deer, mooses, fox and lynx.

We´ll be happy to show you the animals on the farm. Meet the sheeps, dogs and – when they feel for it – the cats.

The year at Torpet

Make “kolbullar” – we tell you how! – and cook cooffe over open fire. Stay home at the village or down at the lake. Torpet´s own sauna is located in the dark wooded area. A cold night, with candles inside the sauna, and the stars in the sky outside, perhaps with a northern lights. It´s truly an experience!

Stroll, go skiing, pimple, rent snow shoes, borrow the old wooden skis for a fun ride, bring the snowmobile and take a ride from the farm out in the hilly terrain.

Or, just sit inside and in front of the fire.


Now everything is waking up. The lambs are born on the farm and when the ice is opening up on the lake, plenty of seabirds like ducks, geeses and swans are diligent guests.

With a Little bit of luck You can also start seeing the beaver.


Now nature is extra easy to reach and there are many events to visit. Near the croft you have the sauna and the barbeque, but you can also take a bath or the boat. Or boat. At the other side of the lake there is a larger swimming and playing area for the childern, a small kiosk and you can play golf here.

Every Friday night in July, music and sales of homemade thinbread and kolbullar are offered here.

In the end of July the yellow berries, hjorton, begins to be mature.

There is still a lot of bird life, at the lake you can see cranes, herons, falk, snakes and sometimes even eagles.


The great berry era. You will find hjortron, lingon, blueberries and mushrooms in the woods. Enjoy the colorful nature with maple and rowan in red, birch and aspen in yellow.

The surroundings

In Myckelby you can visit a nice museum of old farmer and hunting subjects. There is also a well preserved school hall from the beginning of the 19th century.

Ten kilometres away lies the small society of Nyland, close to the river, with shops, restaurants, petrol stations and pharmacies. Kramfors is one of the most flea-owned municipalities in the country!

Just outside of Nyland you´ll find Arena Dannero (trotting track) and Ytterlännäs old church, which has its oldest parts from the 12th century.

Drivhuset at Sandslån offers yoga and events around the coffee camp.

High Coast Distillery (earlier Box Whiskey) in Sörvika organizes regular tours and in early August a motor week will be held with veterans, hot rods, Americans and other vehicles.

You can stop at Allsta farm or Länsmannagården for a cup of coffe in nice enviroments.

Citys nearby

(in the guest-page you´ll find maps for driving to the citys – there are plenty alternative)

Kramfors (30 km away) and the High Coast (25 km away)

The Sea and World Heritage Site The High Coast is only half an hour’s drive away. Here you will find beautiful Nordingrå with the fishing villages Bönhamn and Norrfällsviken. Nordingråkonstrunda, Mannaminne and Ulvön are other fine examples.

Skuleskogen National Park is a good place for hiking trails – here are also walks with snowshoes arranged in the winter – and you got the downhill skiing in Docksta.

In June, the Skulefestival and in July the New Orleans Festival (jazz festival).

The mountain road (fjällvägen) starts right next to the village and is beautiful for a trip, all year round. Just go for the trip, take a dip at the bathing place in Almsjönäs or continue on to the High Coast, Örnsköldsvik or Härnösand. Stay in Ullånger and have a coffee at the award-winning Skogs-Hildas café.

Continue on to Nordingrås winding roads in breathtaking beautiful scenery. Even here the journey itself can be the goal.

At the village you will find a map of this area.

Örnsköldsvik (70 km away)

An additional ski slope is also found in Bjästa.

In the city is the Paradisbadet with indoor pools, slide and relax. On Skyttis you can go skiing and driving a go-kart. Have a lunch at Varvsberget with a view of the city or enjoy a cup of coffee at the genuine Lundberg’s café.

Sollefteå (40 km away)

Sollefteå is famous for its skilful skiers, and Sollefteå are a really nice ski resorts, both alpine and cross country-skiing.

In the summer you fish salmon in Ångermanälven and at the end of July the city is celebrates with the Nipyran, for a whole week.

The first weekend in August you can visit the welknown festival Urkult in Näsåker.

Outside Sollefteå you can go dogsledding in winter if you like! We´ll be glad to help you with booking!