The cottage a late night in November. It has already come some snow. Wintertime it´s almost as the cottage are close to heaven and the starts. In the background you can cold and clear evenings and nights sometimes see the northern light.

Now you have the opportunity to stay high and with a view over Dämstasjön. Down below the fields the stream Viättsån winds its ways forward.

The cottage in Viätt has a small kitchenette with fridge and freezer, stove, microwave, coffee machine and kettler. There is room with a fireplace, armchairs and a bed (also a sofa), a small bedroom with bunk bed and a bathroom with composting toilet, sink and a shower. The cottage has plenty of windows and also a porch along its entire side towards Dämstasjön.

Further in the yard there is an empty old log house, under renovation (but not during your visit), and in the wood storage there is also an old decent outdoor toilet.

Down at Dämstasjön you will find the bath in Sjö, known for its pleasant water temperature, and not for away is Köpmantjärn, a really good fishing water with red, trout and rainbox trout. We can also give you tips on wathers with nice perches.

The cottage has an nice view over the fields and Dämstasjön.
Kitchen with refridgerator and a big freezer. The cottage has water but we recommend to only use it for dishing and washing. You will have water of quality in the big container of glass.
Coffee machine, stove, owen and a microwave owen.
The kitchen is small but well equipped.
The fireplace.
Room with sofa bed, armchair and wood burning stove.
The cottage has a nice light thanks to all windows.
The sofa is very easy to turn into a bed (140×200 cm).
Shower with a nice view over the fields.
Compost toailet with separation (Separett Villa).

The cottage in front of the empty old log house, which is under renovation (but not during your visit).