Living at the Croft is like getting right into a living country idyll. Wake up in the morning with the sheep peacefully grazed in the garden. Drink the morning coffee on the entryway with view over the natural waterfall. In wintertime maybe you´re sitting in front of the fireplace in the livingroom, while the sheep is eating their hay in the barn.

Easy check if the dates you want to stay are available!

When it’s season you can pick tomatoes in the greenhouse and spices in the garden.

For dinner you may have pulled up a fish in one of the fishing waters. You eat it inside the bright, rural kitchen or out in the garden. Or why not make a picnic basket and go down to the lake! There you also have access to a boat.

During your stay in Sjo there is a possibility to watch one of the sheepdogs herding the sheeps. If you are really lucky you can see any of the moose of the forest, even more luck is required to see “Nacken”, an old fairytale, playing violin in the waterfall.

Staying at the village is a multi-level experience. In the house there is a smaller exhibition of local artists.

The pictures on the website are taken at the croft, in its vicinity, some single picture a bit further away, but they all come from Angermanland.

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All year around

You can stay at the croft all year round, there is always something to do. Read more here!

Fully equipped

The croft is in good condition and fully equipped (also with a big freezer). There is a kitchen, living room, toilet and large hall both up- and downstairs, Two bed rooms upstairs where one has a double bed. The other has two single beds (which can be joined together) and an smaller sleeping area with one bed. Downstairs there is another bed, adjacent to the living room.
If you need additional beds, we can arrange it.

Dishwasher and washing machine make everyday life easier and the bathroom has a shower.

In the garden there are barbecue areas and a primitively glazed house to eat inside. For the children’s there is a trampoline and the small wood-burning sauna next to the forest edge is popular with our guests.

The sauna!

More pictures.

In the garden there is a mosquito determinator.

More about attractions and things to do both close and a bit from the croft can be read here.


The price is depending on season and how long you stay. Write or give us a call and you´ll get daily fresh prices directly! But in general, during 2020-2021:
Low season is 1 200 SEK per night.
High season is 1 600 SEK per night.
Rent of bed linens and towels is 150 SEK per person.
Extra bed is 200 SEK per person and night.

During September-May, electricity will be charged. However, the house has a good heating system: two air heat pumps, three fireplaces and you have free access to wood. There are electric radiators.

Facts about Torpet:

– Fridge and freezer.
– Old-fashioned large and bright kitchen.
– Microwave owen.
– Shower.
– Dishing and washing machine.
– TV with Google Chrome Cast.
– Heating fans with AC. Two fireplaces downstairs, one upstairs.
– Children chairs and bed.
– Mobile tele communications, access to Wi-Fi (mobile broadband).
– Outdoor furniture, barbecue area.
– A small, primitive house in the garden with table and chairs.
– Sauna at the edge of the forest.
– In season: Spice and greenhouses with tomatoes
– Boat (shared with the host family)
– Animals on the farm
– Dogs are welcome (but please, keep them on the floor)
– Smoking indoors is not allowed

Just outside the garden, or on a walks distance
– Fishing (implanted and wild), berries and mushrooms.
– Bathing place with sauna and barbecue

In the vicinity there are
– Bathing place with kiosk and mini golf.
– Lots of fleamarket
– 30 minutes drive to the High Coast

Within a mile distance
– Grocery store
– Restaurant
– Pharmacy
– Gas station

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