Here you´ll find some information that we hope will make your stay at Torpet even more pleasent =)

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But first, some really important things that you should know.

  • Tell us how many you are and if you want to rent towels and bed linens.
  • You´ll recieve a mail or sms with the complete address, access to the key – I always try to be there when you arrive, but if I can´t or if you arrive very late – and also the password to the Wi-Fi.
  • You need to pay for the electricity you use. There are a good heating system in the house: two air heating pumps and fire places and free wood (read more about using the fire places down below). If you use them you will keep your electricity bill to a minimum. The house also have electrical radiator, they are more excpensive (when I am in the house myself I use the fans and fireplaces, it is enough for a good warmth inside.
  • Charging an electrical car. There are a socket for this (a normal 220-230 V), but you need to bring an connector between your car and the socket.
  • In wintertime (cirka Oct to April): If you need to rent a car, tell the car company that you´re going up north. You´ll need a good winter car. It´ll be great with tires with spikes, or 4wd. Or, the best, but not necessarily, both =)
  • And perhaps – the most importent of all. Never hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
  • General info about living at Torpet – this info you´ll also find printed when you arrive at Torpet! Click to read!

Good to know!

There are three fireplaces inside the house, and one in the sauna. We recommend you to use the one in the kitchen and the other one in the living room in wintertime. The heating fans are working fine, and they are a good economical solution, but the house gets really warm and cozy if you also light fires! Click to read!

Info about the washing machine (click to read) 

Moose meat and the sous vide
You´ll find meat for sale in the freeze and our tip is to cook it in the sous vide (if you don´t find it in the traditional old pantry in the kitchen, just ask for it – we like to use it ourself =)
Don´t know what a sous vide is – take a look here – a quick start!
Here you can read more about how it works

How to do the bokashi compost
If you want, you can use the bokashi compost system. It is very simple:
Use the green box with black text. In the plastic box on top, there is a “spoon” with a black mark.
When the bucket is empty, start by checking that the crane is closed. Then sprinkle two measures brown bokashi on the bottom (two spoons up to the mark) and then fill up with compost, once a day (if you don’t have very much you can empty more often course, they say one spoon per one liter compost). Put the bokashi powder on top of the compost. Close the lid carefully and keep the bucket inside (room temperature). The principle is not to open the bucket too often, maximum once a day is the best.
Do not put liquid in the compost (as juice, milk, sauce etc). The plants will be greatful for your work =)
Do you want to learn more?

The “Kolbulle” barbeque set and the swedish recipe!
You will find a nice little “barbeque”-set at Torpet. This was made by a good friend of us, an old man in the village. He wanted it to be easy for us making ”kolbullar”. Recipe!

In Sweden we got something called “Allemansrätt”, in english “the right of public access”. This is a fantastic opportunite to come really close to the swedish nature. You can read more on Visit Sweden (external link).

You can start right outside the door! Check our map for the alternatives down below!

  • The short and easy walkabout after the Mountain road.
  • The long but easy one. This one goes around the lake (Dämstasjön).
  • The walkabout with adjustable length through the forest. In the winter it can be a pretty tough walk if there is no trails after snowmobiles.

About fishing in the neighbourhood
On this map Torpet is marked and some of the fishing waters. Save it to your phone if you get disconnected from internet while outside fishing!

Fishing in general waters, like Dämstasjön, is on the house. If you want to go fishing in the planted lakes, Köpmantjärn and Bergstjärn, it costs 80 SEK per 24 hour per person, and you are allowed maximum three fishes per pay and day. Just tell us if you want to fish in the planted area.

You can borrow simpel fishing equipment at your stay, you share it with the hosts who also likes to fish sometimes =)

In the map you´ll see the two planted lakes, and Another two who isn´t planted. The one at the bottom is a free lake, where it´s quite easy to get fishes, with the standard fishing equipment.
The one above was good fishing water in the old days, we have been told. We know nothing about it today. Go ahead and try it =) But we do know that the chances are good to get a sight of beavers there. ​

Here you can read more about the fishing in the area.

What is else to do in the area?
On this homepage there are a small guide of what-to-do in the area, except having a good time at Torpet =)
But keep an eye on this guide, my intention is to make it bigger and better!

Coming soon: All roads lead to Torpet =)
Sometimes we get questions about the roads out to surrounding towns. There are plenty of alternatives and they work differently well depending on how busy you are and what season it is.

Coming soon: Our suggestion for a trip to Nordingrå in the High Coast

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