A happy man is sitting on a camping chair and winter fishing. In front of him lies several fishes.

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In Styrnäs there is lot of fishing water, both implanted and not. Each early summer, since many year back, implantation of rainbow trout and char in Köpmantjärn and trout in Stora Bergstjärn has been done.

Two winter fishing men are standing up, and drinking coffee. On the ice lies a nice char.
Nice char in Köpmantjärn

Fishing licens

Styrnäs nedre fiskevårdsförening is responsible for managing the area and looking after bridges, windshields and information boards. Sales of fishing licenses are made via association members and representatives. Now you can also use Swish, no 070-565 11 04. Very simple, you only show your swish payment in the phone if you meet a controller!

You can also buy fishing licens at

  • Lennart Forsberg, Dämsta, tel +4670 565 11 04
  • Lennart Svanholm, Sjö, tel +4670 738 75 88
  • Sven-Olov Karlsson, Myckelby, tel +4670 321 35 18
  • Kurt Kronquist, Viätt, tel +4670 962 14 77
  • Hans-Olov Nordin, Dämsta, tel +4670 246 29 63
  • Håkan Unander, Ullånger, tel +4672 246 70 27

Fiskekort i de planterade sjöarna Köpmantjärn och Stora Bergstjärn kostar 80 kronor och gäller för en person i ett dygn och under den tiden maximalt tre fiskar.

Fiskekort i de allmänna vattnen (till exempel Dämstasjön) kostar 10 kro

Fishing licens in the planted lakes Köpmantjärn and Stora Bergstjärn cost SEK 80 and apply for one person for one day and during that time a maximum of three fish is allowed.

Fishing licenses in the public waters (for example, Dämstasjön) cost SEK 10 per person per day.

Map over the fishing waters in Styrnäs

A map of the area with fishing waters. Parking places and places for buying fishing licens is marked out.
Map over the fishing waters in the area.
A man and a little boy are fishing at a lake in the woods.
Stora Bergstjärn.
A smiling woman is holding a fishing rod in her right hand, and a quite big fish, a pike, in her left.
Pike catch in Hundsjön. Here are also fine perch of 1-2 kg. Photo: Fanny Svanholm.
A fish is lying on the bridge. Behind is the lake.
Fishing luck in Stora Bergstjärn. Photo: Leif Forsell.
A man is fishing in the sunset.
Night fishing in Köpmantjärn

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